Aaron Maguire began as a Mental Health Nurse in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1995 and in 2002 moved to Melbourne Australia to start a career as a Healthcare Video Producer and Commercial and Portrait Photographer.

He continued to work as an agency nurse, working across all aspects of Mental Health within Melbourne.

In 2013, Peter Kelly, Director of Operations at NorthWestern Mental Health, engaged Aaron to produce a series of recruitment videos. This lead to more internal video productions which continue to this day.

Productions consisted of Mandatory reporting of Elder Abuse, Management of Clinical Aggression, Fire Safety, Recruitment, Safe bed transfer in the operating theatre, Clinical Risk Assessment and Management, Dual Diagnosis, Suicide awareness, Dementia care, Duress alarm operation and Consumers rights and responsibilities.

In 2013, Aaron achieved the Senior Nurse, Management of Clinical Aggression Coordinator role and credentialed trainer. After working closely with clinical staff, management, and executive at NorthWestern Mental Health, in 2015, Aaron decided to continue his video producing and photography in a full-time capacity.

Never leaving his roots, Aaron specialises in healthcare video production and commercial and film based portrait photography.

Aaron's goal is to utilise his motivational interviewing skills, evidence based knowledge and clinical experience to better inform service users, educate the general public and engage healthcare workers.



Since the early 1990s, Aaron has been photographing portraits and events.

One thing that shocked him was that during his formative years, there are very few photographs of him, in bands, in sports, in photography, in filmmaking or with his family.

This is why Aaron photographs; to document...

...'to chronicle events or environments both significant and relevant to history and historical events as well as everyday life'.

In recent years, Aaron has been venturing into the world of film photography and in particular, Medium Format film photography. 

"The way the film captures skin tones, the honesty in the subject, the fall off (referring to the out of focus behind the subject) is something I've never seen on digital. In Fact the entire process of shooting with film is so much more intimate and personal".