Aaron Maguire began as a Mental Health Nurse in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1995 and moved to Melbourne in 2002 to start a career as a Healthcare Video Producer and Commercial and Portrait Photographer.

He continued to work as an nurse, working across all areas of Mental Health.

In 2009, Aaron Maguire productions was created and Aaron was contracted to produce a series of recruitment videos for NorthWestern Mental Health. This lead to a number of internal video productions which continue to be used to this day.

Productions include: 

  • Mandatory reporting of Elder Abuse,
  • Management of Clinical Aggression,
  • Fire Safety, Recruitment,
  • Safe bed transfer in the operating theatre,
  • Clinical Risk Assessment and Management,
  • Dual Diagnosis,
  • Suicide awareness,
  • Dementia care,
  • Duress alarm operation and
  • Consumers rights and responsibilities.

In 2013 Aaron became a Senior Nurse, Management of Clinical Aggression Coordinator and a credentialed trainer.

In 2015 Maguri Productions went full time and since then has specialised in healthcare video productions and event, editorial and portrait photography.

Maguri Productions utilise the experience of the team to engage inform, and educate.

Recent projects and clients include:

  • Victorian Govt - Mental Health Instensive care training, Family violence e-learning and Child protection good practice stories.
  • Bravada films - Photography
  • ARC - Photography
  • Smilestyler - Seminar production