Aaron Maguire began as a Mental Health Nurse in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1995 and moved to Melbourne in 2002 where he became a senior nurse, educator and trainer in the management of clinical aggression, during this time Maguri Productions was created by Aaron and began to grow into what it is today, a video production business utilising his knowledge and experience of healthcare to produce accurate and engaging video productions to inform and educate.

Maguri Productions include: 

  • Mandatory reporting of Elder Abuse

  • Management of Clinical Aggression

  • Fire Safety, Recruitment

  • Safe bed transfer in the operating theatre

  • Clinical Risk Assessment and Management

  • Dual Diagnosis e-Learning

  • Suicide awareness

  • Dementia care

  • Duress alarm operation

  • Consumers rights and responsibilities

  • Mental Health Intensive Care

  • Family Violence eLearning

  • Child Protection good practice stories

Maguri Productions utilise the experience of the team to engage inform, and educate.